SALERM COSMETICS – Natural Foundation 30ml

Product Description
Medium coverage. Long-lasting

Light and comfortable texture that leaves skin feeling velvety soft

Foundation offering medium coverage, long-lasting, natural , even results and a no-shine finish. With a light and comfortable texture that leaves skin feeling velvety soft.

Advanced deep-action moisturizing formula with active ingredients that prevent and reduce the appearance of marks.

Perfectly balanced pigmentation allows for buildable coverage to easily achieve the desired finish and flawlessly radiant glow.

Place a small amount on the skin and use a brush (BR01) or makeup sponge (MKBLEN) to blend evenly.

HYALURONIC ACID COMPLEX: Hyaluronic acid complex of proven efficacy, the result of mixing our skin’s own moisturizing components or NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor), with natural sugars of vegetable origin. Independent studies have shown this active ingredient to continue hydrating for up to 72 hours after application.

VITAMIN E: Natural antioxidant that combats free radicals to prevent skin aging and protect the skin from external agents.

SKIN 3D: A complex which forms a three dimensional veil on skin, improving adherence and durability. Creates an optical effect which lightly masks wrinkles, offering a more unified and matte finish. Leaves skin feeling silky and velvety soft.

RADIATION SHIELD: Biotechnological active sourced locally (km0) which is resistant to radiation and bestows the skin with photo-protective properties both on the outer and inner layers. Reduces the signs of digital and photo-aging. Fourfold protection from light.