SALERM COSMETICS – Full Concealer 7ml

Product Description
Reduces dark circles, signs of fatigue and expression lines

Brighter look and natural finish

Medium coverage, long-lasting concealer. Reduces dark circles, signs of fatigue and expression lines to offer a brighter look and natural finish.

Light and easy-to-blend formula containing hydrating and regenerating active ingredients for extra care of sensitive areas like the eye contour.

Enriched with moisturizers and antioxidants to care for skin as well as masking imperfections.

Use the applicator (or the concealer brush BR03) to apply a small amount for buildable coverage, then blend with fingertips for a natural finish.

SKIN 3D: A complex which forms a three dimensional veil on skin, improving adherence and durability. Creates an optical effect which lightly masks wrinkles, offering a more unified and matte finish. Leaves skin feeling silky and velvety soft.

GRAPE EXTRACT: Extract obtained from grapes that contains antioxidants as well as skin regenerating properties. Protects against free radicals to combat premature aging.

ALOE VERA CONCENTRATE: Contains soothing and antioxidant properties to gently treat the most sensitive skin. Aloe Vera boasts excellent moisturizing power thanks to its high polysaccharide and sterol content. The extract we use is a partially dehydrated concentrate which multiplies the content of active substance by 10, thereby multiplying its effectiveness.