Mark James Hair Studio offers Affinage Professional   a diverse range of hair care products that cater to various needs. Among their popular items, the Infiniti Permanent hair colour line stands out for its vibrant and long-lasting hues. The Repair Shampoo & Conditioner are also favorites, known for their nourishing properties that revitalize damaged hair. For those looking to maintain their blonde locks, the Blonde Toning Shampoo and Treatment are go-to products.

Affinage Professional, with its roots dating back to 1988, has indeed made a significant mark in the hair cosmetics industry. As an Australian-born brand, it stands out for its commitment to quality and innovation, offering a wide range of hair colouring, styling, and care products. It’s not just about the products, though; Affinage also places a strong emphasis on professional education, providing seminars and support to stylists across Australia, New Zealand, and the Asia Pacific. This dedication to both product excellence and professional development truly encapsulates the essence of beautiful hair.