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Ritualities Home Maintenance Pack



Enjoy healthier, shiny, manageable hair for 6 full weeks*

Hair Restorer treatment formulated with Wheat germ, Silk and Keratin proteins -Maintenance-

Ritualities Proteins Maintenance Pack is specially recommended for:

-Home maintenance treatment to prolong the results of the salon exclusive PROTEINS treatment.

-For those who prefer home treatments for shiny, repaired hair provided by continuous use.

-Both straight and curly hair.

*It is necessary to use the MAINTENANCE pack on average at least twice a week to prolong the results of the salon exclusive PROTEINS treatment for 6 full weeks.

**Test performed under conditions of up to 60% relative humidity and an average temperature of 25 ºC.

*** Test results compared to a generic formula treatment.

What role do proteins play in the hair?

Our hair is basically made up of proteins, of which keratin is the most important. Its main mission is to strengthen the hair structure.

With the objective of balancing the loss of the properties from protein in our hair, RITUALITIES PROTEINS has been created as a protein-based treatment that addresses the 3 essential characteristics of healthy hair: shine, manageability and hydration.

-Wheat germ proteins:

An extra boost of nutrients and strength for the hair.

Purifies the scalp.

-Silk proteins:

Great moisturizing and protective benefits.

Increases elasticity and shine.

-Keratin proteins:

Restores the natural balance.

Regenerates and restructures the hair.

-Proshine +:

Sublimating beauty complex .

Enhances shine and hydration.

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