SALERM COSMETICS – Velvet Hydra Primer & Lips & Eyes Gel Remover

Product Description
Velvet Hydra Primer
Readies skin for makeup and visibly improves and prolongs results

Effective hydrating and antioxidant power

Makeup primer that readies skin for makeup and visibly improves and prolongs results. Diffuses pores and softens wrinkles and expression lines. It evens the skin’s texture, leaving it looking and feeling velvety soft.

Both the light and silky texture and the highly effective hydrating and antioxidant power, leave skin feeling soft and comfortable .

Can be used alone or before foundation to prolong and improve results. Creates a matte finish on skin.

Apply a little to the face after applying your usual face cream or to clean skin.

When used before foundation, we recommend letting the product absorb fully first.