SALERM COSMETICS – Hidracolors Lipstick Pencil 1.3g

Product Description
Lipstick with a creamy texture.

Lipstick with a creamy texture formulated with a plant emollient for lip care and hydration.

Available in a wide range of colors, with high-intensity pigments, total coverage and long-lasting results. Options available in shiny or velvet finish.

Its stick format and conical tip make application comfortable and precise.

Apply with brush (BR30) or directly, following the lip shape from the center out toward the edges.

PHYTOSQUALANE: a plant emollient with natural skin affinity. With light and flexible application and dynamic hydrating power for greater comfort.

SPHERICAL SILICONE: limits color bleeding outside of the lip line, provides a non-greasy creamy texture. Helps reduce the appearance of fine expression lines.

TRUE COLOR GELLED SYSTEM: an active ingredient that transforms pure color pigments into an easily dispersed gel to preserve color purity for longer.