SALERM COSMETICS – Comfort Pure Color Eyeshadow Stick 1.64g

Product Description
Eyeshadow stick with a creamy formula.

Glides onto the eyelid and stays in place for hours.

Eyeshadow stick with a creamy formula that glides onto the eyelid and stays in place for hours without creasing or flaking for an impeccable finish.

Its texture makes it easy and soft to apply onto the eyelid in one smooth gliding action and without product drag. Can be easily mixed and blended to create different shades with a metallic finish.

Highly pigmented, saturated color that won’t lose intensity during the day. 9 of the shades contain iridescent particles for a multidimensional shimmer effect.

Apply directly onto the eyelid and blend with a brush (BR24) or fingertip depending on the desired result. Can be blended or combined with other stick or powder shadows.

HIGHLY CRYSTALLINE WAXES: Combination of different plant waxes that offer the perfect balance between hydration, suppleness, and adherence of the pigments on skin.

PLANT AMINO ACIDS: Guarantee smooth application, a creamy texture and moisture resistance. The product glides comfortably over the skin for total coverage without accumulation.

FILMING POLYMER: Hydrating polymers offer greater, all-day-long skin adhesion without detriment to color intensity over the course of the day.