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Mark James Hair Studio Natural Soy Candle Vanilla 220mls


Mark James Studio uses high quality, Australian owned products that guarantee meeting your  needs.

That way it blends in a few reasons why to use/buy your products, high quality, Australian owned and will meet the customers need.

Offers you a sweet, rich , buttery and utterly delicious. Laced with overlays of creamy vanilla, it provides a warm, comforting feeling to any room.
When inhaled this blend it is often associated with nostalgic memories of cooking in the kitchen, eating chocolate and sharing sweet treats with loved ones.

40 hour burn time


Elicit your senses with the Mark James Hair Studio Candles. Using a 100% natural formula that combines Australian sourced ingredients, you have the perfect formula that will surely brighten your day. From the moment the sandalwood or orange aroma enters your nose, you’ll feel it instantly uplift your mood and melt away any stressors. It’s an experience that not only makes you feel re-energized, but sinks you into deeper states of tranquil well-being.

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