Mark James Hair Studio Organic Conditioner 250mls

Organic Conditioner

Give you hair an everlasting glow and softness that reinvigorates your day. Combining ultra-premium 100% natural ingredients that are paraben, gluten, SLS, and silicone free, this Organic Conditioner provides a creamy and luxurious consistency throughout. The rich texture allows you to have ultimate freedom with a personalized appearance that makes your hair shine all day long.

It’s a formula that’s suitable for all hair types, precisely engineered to give your hair long-lasting hydration that keeps it looking healthy, young, and fresh. With each nutrient-dense ingredient being derived from 100% Australian natural sources, you can have confidence knowing your hair remains undamaged while always looking its best.

Ideal for those looking for a chemical-based alternative that’s free of damaging ingredients that often can leave hair looking dull. With the Mark James Hair Studio conditioner, all of this becomes a thing of the past, with complete natural elements that make you feel good and feel empowered.


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