Mark James Hair Studio All-Natural Shampoo 250mls

All-Natural Shampoo

Wash away the dirt and oil with our new All-Natural Shampoo. Formulated with premium organic ingredients to cleanse your hair with a rich hydrating look, while providing enhanced manageability to manage your hair the way you want with maximum appeal.   This revolution in hair technology allows you to have a superior shine with each application. The result? Complete rehydration across every hair fiber for a soft and silky look (applicable for all hair types).

The formula is composed of 100% organic and all-natural ingredients, free of harsh chemical compounds that can damage hair. The quality is unparalleled, leaving a luscious feeling that is non-sticky and long-lasting, without ever irritating the scalp.

Directions: Apply a [insert amount] of the All-Natural Shampoo to your hair and apply consistent pressure to the scalp for 30-60 seconds. Once completed, wash off with warm water, and lightly dry your hair with a towel.


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