LENDAN – Terra Hydration Australian Spirit – Hydration UV Protector 200ml


Hydration UV Protector is a two-phase protective and strengthening spray for the hair fiber, based on algae and marine concentrates. Avoids color loss, prevents breakage and protects against UV radiation. Non-greasy formula, which provides nutrition, resistance and strength to the hair.

  • Detangles and protects from brushing and solar radiation.
  • Deeply hydrates without weighing it down.


Hydration UV Protector contains in its formula rice, algae, marine minerals and eucalyptus. A line especially indicated for dry hair, lacking softness and prone to frizz.

  • · Rice: structural repair effect. Prevents keratin degradation by up to 66% after sun exposure. Low molecular weight rice proteins penetrate and strengthen the capillary cortex by forming new keratin bonds.
  • · Marine minerals: regulate and rehydrate the hair fiber, preventing water loss for more elastic and shiny hair. Less frizz and greater flexibility.
  • · Seaweed: antioxidant and nutritious. Reduces nutrient loss. The combination of 3 algae present in regions of Australia selected for their moisturizing and highly nourishing properties on the hair.
  • · UV filter: sunscreen. Protects and restores natural shine up to 100%. Protective shield that repairs damage from solar radiation to reduce degenerative effects and protects with a broad spectrum sunscreen (UVB and UVA).
  • · Essential oils: combination of essential oils that provide a purifying and calming action that balances the scalp, enveloping it in a delicate aroma with a relaxing effect.

91% natural ingredients | 100% vegan & cruelty free | Free of parabens, SLES and alcohol.


Shake before using. Spray on hair and comb through to distribute. Do not rinse. Proceed with drying as usual.