LENDAN – Terra Hydration Australian Spirit – Hydration Shampoo 1000ml


Hydration Shampoo is an intensely moisturizing shampoo that balances and repairs hair, based on algae and marine concentrates. Removes debris and contamination while protecting against UV rays, breakage and external damage.

  • Eliminates chlorine and polluting agents for hair free of harmful agents.
  • Rebalances hydration and adds shine.


Hydration Shampoo contains in its formula rice, algae and marine minerals. A line especially indicated for dry hair, lacking softness and prone to frizz.

  • · Rice: structural repair effect. Prevents keratin degradation by up to 66% after sun exposure. Low molecular weight rice proteins penetrate and strengthen the capillary cortex by forming new keratin bonds.
  • · Marine minerals: regulate and rehydrate the hair fiber, preventing water loss for more elastic and shiny hair. Less frizz and greater flexibility.
  • · Seaweed: antioxidant and nutritious. Reduces nutrient loss. The combination of 3 algae present in regions of Australia selected for their moisturizing and highly nourishing properties on the hair.
  • · UV filter: sunscreen. Protects and restores natural shine up to 100%. Protective shield that repairs damage from solar radiation to reduce degenerative effects and protects with a broad spectrum sunscreen (UVB and UVA).

96% natural ingredients | 100% vegan & cruelty free | Without parabens, SLES, alcohol or silicones.


Emulsify with soft movements on damp hair and rinse.