LENDAN – Charge – Violet Charge Shampoo 300ml


Violet Charge Shampoo is a color correcting shampoo with violet pigments that revive and intensify cool tones and neutralize unwanted yellow undertones. Indicated for the balanced nuance of yellow reflections that appear in oxidative processes, in tone heights 8 to 10.100% vegan | Without SLES | Paraben Free | No silicones | No drying alcohols

– 100% natural cleansing agent: 100% natural  coconut-derived surfactant in combination with other cleansing active ingredients for gentle cleansing that respects the scalp.
– Monoï de Tahiti Flower Oil: helps reduce dry ends in the hair and deeply nourishes it.
– Hyaluronic acid: intense hydration thanks to its ability to retain up to 1,000 times its weight in water.
– Oat extract: reduces the presence of free radicals in the hair by 50% and calms the most sensitive skin.

– Neutralizes yellow undertones in a single application.
– Suitable for colored or natural hair.
– Illuminates and adds shine to the color.
– Prolongs the duration of the color in perfect condition.
– Gentle and respectful cleaning with the scalp.
– Soothes the most sensitive scalps.

Distribute the shampoo on wet hair, massage and leave to act for the necessary time depending on the tone to be corrected. Maintain visual control and do not exceed the time of 10 minutes. Finish by rinsing with plenty of water. Use of gloves.

Recommendation: use RECHARGE MASK to maintain the level of toning or to increase the degree of toning (up to 5 minutes of exposure).

Maintenance: to prolong the duration of the color and protect the hair, the recurring use of WHITE CHARGE SHAMPOO and RECHARGE MASK is recommended. Exposure time and recurrence after professional diagnosis according to the tone, condition and porosity of the hair.