LENDAN – Charge – Recharge Mask 500ml


Recharge Mask is a highly pigmented nourishing mask to tone down unwanted yellow or orange tones in blonde, bleached or highlighted hair. Indicated for the balanced nuance of the yellow and orange reflection that appears in the oxidative processes, in tone heights from 6 to 10.100% vegan | Sulfate Free | Paraben Free | No silicones | No drying alcohols

– MVP Complex:  reinforces the internal and external structure of the hair for maximum resistance. Plant-based complex that reinforces the cystine bridges of the hair, providing more strength through the formation of new protein bonds. It acts directly on the hair fiber, reinforcing its internal and external structure to achieve stronger, softer and healthier-looking hair. Forms a film from inside the hair fiber to strengthen, lubricate and protect the hair surface.
– Hyaluronic acid:  Increases hydration levels and controls frizz. In the case of the mask, we work with an exclusive quality of hyaluronic acid that has been provided with cationic charges to adhere to and repair the surface of the hair fiber. By adhering, it maintains long-lasting hydration. Capable of retaining large amounts of water, helping to keep hair hydrated, making it stronger and less brittle. Increases hair hydration levels and controls frizz, achieving a powerful anti-frizz action.
– 100% natural cleansing agent: 100% natural coconut-derived surfactant in combination with other cleansing active ingredients for gentle cleansing that respects the scalp.
– Monoï de Tahiti Flower Oil: helps reduce dry ends in the hair and deeply nourishes it.
– Cationic hyaluronic acid: repair and long-lasting effect thanks to the cationic charge and intense hydration thanks to its ability to retain up to 1,000 times its weight in water.
– Oat extract: reduces the presence of free radicals in the hair by 50% and calms the most sensitive skin.

– It recharges the color by reaffirming the wash shade in the toning and treatment process.
– Neutralizes orange and yellow undertones.
– Nourishes, softens and adds shine to hair.
– Protects the color and prolongs its duration.
– Deeply moisturizes without weighing it down.
– Repairs the hair fiber.
– Enhances the coldest tones.
– Soothes the most sensitive scalps.

After washing, apply the mask from the middle to the ends and leave it to act for the necessary time (from 1 to 5 minutes) depending on the degree of nuance desired. Comb through to distribute and clarify. Use of gloves.

Recommendation: for a more intense neutralization, wash previously with VIOLET or BLUE CHARGE SHAMPOO.

Maintenance: to prolong the duration of the color and protect the hair, the recurring use of WHITE CHARGE SHAMPOO and RECHARGE MASK is recommended. Exposure time and recurrence after professional diagnosis according to the tone, condition and porosity of the hair.