Base Blonde ++ Shampoo 300 ml

Product Description:
A powerful violet toning shampoo that helps maintain the white/grey hair that you left the salon with. The violet pigments in this toning shampoo assist with counteracting unwanted yellow brassy tones.

How to use:
1. On first use, combine a small amount of this product with a normal amount of your regular (non-violet) shampoo. This is to test the strength of the violet shampoo against your own hair.
2. If you feel like more toning power is needed, reduce the amount of shampoo or leave it in for longer.
3. Dampen your hair and apply the shampoo mixture to your hair and scalp thoroughly.
4. Rinse your hair and repeat if required.

Features & Benefits:
– Gently cleanses your hair
– Hydrating and detangling
– Strengthens hair cuticles and protects against UV and heat styling
– Neutralises yellow brassy tones, instead giving you brighter blonde/grey hair

Product Size: 300ml