Why Brazilian Keratin Treatment is the Most Effective Professional Smoothing Treatment

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Why Brazilian Keratin Treatment is the Most Effective Professional Smoothing Treatment?

A Brazilian Keratin treatment from our Townsville Hairdressersuses the latest keratin technology, reinforces the internal structure and condition of your hair all while eradicating frizz, flattening the cuticle of your hair and providing protection.

Results Are Immediate!

Our professional hair stylists in Townsville are experienced in a range of hair care services. Our Brazilian Keratin treatment will see your hair looking smoother, completely straight and frizz free immediately!  

Fast Processing Time

The length of time that it takes to have a treatment will vary depending on your type of hair. Generally,the Brazilian Keratin Treatment works quite quickly with very little waiting time when compared to other keratin treatments. 

Instant Manageability after Treatment at Our Hair Salon in Townsville

Your hair will be soft and silky and easy to manage after being treated by our Townsville hairdressers. You will have more time each day because your hair simply takes less time to style. If you wish to add curl to your hair, you may still use curling tongs.

Results Last for Up to 3 Months

After treatment, your hair remains shiny and sleek for up to 3 months, depending on the thickness and texture of your hair. There is no need for straightening! 

Hair Becomes Healthier after a Keratin Treatment in our Hair Salon in Townsville

Unlike straightening, a Brazilian Keratin treatment by our hair stylist in Townsville will dramatically improve the condition of your hair. The treatment is scientifically designed to replenish and revitalise your hair. Nutrients in a Brazilian keratin treatment will treat your hair and nourish it at a deep level. The formula is not synthetic, or animal based. It combines Acai therapy with sugarcane cystine. The beautiful ingredients rejuvenate the natural keratin of your hair.

Brazilian Keratin treatments are the latest in quality haircare treatments. For instant radiant shiny hair, contactour experienced team at Mark James Hair Studio, Townsville Hairdressers today.

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