Tips to take better care of your hair extensions

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Tips to take better care of your hair extensions

Good quality hair extensions in Townsville should make a positive impact to the way your hair looks. For such an item, it’s important that you understand how to take care of your hair extensions. Whether you purchase hair extensions from Townsville or somewhere else, maintenance is the key to ensuring you get the most use out of your extensions.

No matter if you’re a seasoned hair extension wearer or you just purchased them from a hair salon in Townsville or a hair stylist in Townsville, here are key tips to keeping your extensions in good condition. 

Use minimal product

Hair extensions can easily last for around a year or more. However, as a hair stylist in Townsville or hair salon in Townsville will tell you, it depends how often you wear your extensions and how often you are putting product in it. 

To ensure the lifespan of your hair extensions, try to limit the amount of times you wash, use product or use heat on your extensions. Even if you purchase good quality hair extensions in Queensland, the more you do these activities to your extensions, the drier they can become. 

Know how to store them

Like with any accessory or clothing item, it can take some time to get into the routine of correctly storing them away to ensure they last as long as they can. The same goes for hair extensions. Try and keep them in the box that the extensions arrived it. It should have been designed to keep extensions looking their best.

Avoid tangling 

Most hair extensions are made out of remy human hair. This type of hair, just like regular human hair, can easily become tangled. When your hair rubs against your actual hair, this can cause friction to occur, leading to tangling. Try to avoid doing activities such as showering or swimming whilst wearing hair extensions. This will minimise opportunities for your extensions to become tangled. 

So, if you are looking for hair extensions in Queensland, ensure you follow the above maintenance tips in order to have your extensions last you for months to years to come. 

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