Maintenance Guidelines for Great lengths Hair Extensions

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Maintenance Guidelines for Great lengths Hair Extensions

After your great lengths hair extensions have been applied, there are a few things you need to do to keep them looking great. 
As providers of luxury hair extensions in Townsville we have some essential guidelines:

General Maintenance of Your Hair Extensions in QLD 
• Do not wash your hair for 48 hoursafter:
o your initial visit to the salon; 
o any maintenance visits.

Return to the salon two weeks after your hair extensionshave been applied, so that your hairdresser can check if the strands have settled correctly. Some strands may be replaced at this checkup.

If any of the bonds have slipped or are uncomfortable in any way, contact your salon.

Washing Your Great Lengths Hair Extensions

Always use greatlengths products including shampoo and conditioner on your hair extensions. Never use products containing sulphur – these will damage your hair extensions.

When showering do not face your head downwards. Tilt your head backwards, and wash your hair gently from the top downward. 

After your shower apply great lengths hair extensions anti-tap water. Use a micro fibre towel to absorb moisture initially and dry the base area carefully. Be gentle when drying your hair!

Styling Your Hair Extensions

If blow-drying, use a cool or medium heat -and finish with a cool shot of air once your hair is completely dry.
You may use styling devices such as straighteners and curling irons on your hair – just be sure to keep them at least 3 cms from the hair bonds to avoid damage.

Swimming with your Hair Extensions in QLD

Swimming may affect the lifespan of your great lengths hair extensions. Wet the hair completely before you hit the water - and apply great lengths anti tap water remedy afterward!

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